It is the Prerogative of every coach to select his team. And one major hindrance that confronts coaches from exercising their exclusive responsibility of team selection is interference. Interference could come from administrators, influential politicians and corporate sponsors.

However, in every world cup year, coaches all over the world are usually confronted with inference of all sorts like imposition of players. But it is the exclusive purview of a coach to stand his ground on this, and, select his players based on fitness level, form, passion and commitment.

On May 14th, 2018, Super Eagles Coach, Gernot Rohr along with other 31 world cup bound coaches, is expected to release a list of 35 provisional names for the world cup as mandated by FIFA. This list will be pruned down to 23 players before the world cup proper.

In the midst of all these, we hope that the team (Super Eagles) will not be engulfed in another selection crisis as customary in a world cup year. Coach Gernot Rohr should get players that are ready and willing to play for him in order to get the desired result. If a team fumbles and falters, the coach will be held responsible and if it does well, the coach gets all the praises and encomiums.

And so therefore, the Franco German coach should resist any form of players’ imposition from any NFF official or top government official. And it would equally do him a lot of good, if he raises a public alarm and eyebrow in order to have backing from the public so as to frustrate any imminent attempt of interference and/or imposition of players on the coach.