The Countdown to the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup is on, and a whole lot of dramatis personae and stakeholders are getting ready and enthusiastic to take part in a world cup which promises to be entertaining, thrilling and exciting.

Though, there are so many political undertones that have practically bellied and undermine the hype and razzmatazz that would have enveloped  the Russia 2018 World Cup, but, yet participating countries are perfecting strategies and intensifying preparations in order undo one another when hostilities finally begins.

Russia is one of the Super Power nations of the World. But its diplomatic relations with other Super power nations like England and U.S.A (who did not qualify for the mundial), has nose-dived in recent years.

Whilst, England national team will be at the World Cup, members of the royal family in the queen’s land have opted not to attend the world cup in Russia owing to diplomatic reasons. Indeed, diplomatic relations between Russia and England as well as USA has deepened, and it may even affect the number of English nationals who intends to go watch the World Cup in Russia but have been advised by their home country government to stay away due to unresolved diplomatic issues.

However, it is evident and rather unfortunate that political differences has been brought into Mar and Smear football excitement. And in the Mix of all these, the Russian authority and World Cup 2018 Organizing Committee has a responsibility to set up a very effective security network that will help curb imminent unrest between English and Russian Fans.

Furthermore, aside from the foregoing. Russia has a bad and notorious history of being a racist state. However, whilst some European countries have continued to preach the message of mutual co-existence, assimilation and inter racial- relations, the Russian state has not succeeded in doing same, and so therefore racism and color discrimination has constantly been on the increase in Russia. And so the World frowned vehemently in 2010 when Russia won the bid to host the 2018 World Cup.

That being said, a lot   of eye brow has been raised about the ability of the Local Organizing Committee of the Russia 2018 World cup   to sensitize its citizens to imbibe the attitude of friendliness and hospitality towards visiting fans and nationals of other countries who visits Russia to watch the World Cup finals.

And in addition to this, FIFA should also work assiduously to purge racism from Football. The Russia 2018 World Cup should serve as a platform where participating countries will come show case their rich cultural values, exhibit good football artistry, and, mutual exchange of inter-racial etiquette. The world cup is not a stage to neither dissipate energy in chanting racist slogans nor make racist remark. The World Cup is the pinnacle of football and the greatest sport in the world. Racism should not be treated with levity or kid gloves because if it is not well managed and eradicated, it would cause a colossal damage to the game.

Nevertheless, from June 14th-July 15th, 2018, the world will be at the mercy of Russia, and for the Russian authorities and local organizing committee to prove the world and cynics wrong, its citizens will have to turn a new leaf, and be a hospitable host to visiting guests and fans. The World is watching, and for Russia to be considered as future host of another world cup finals, its performance in the field of play may not really matter, but the way they go about  curbing and handling  the issue of racism to a relative extent is what really matter.

And to the Russian citizens, they need imbibe the attitude of love, virtues of peace, churn violence and racism. The slogan in Russia should be absolutely football and not racism.