The introduction of the MRI Scan Machine prior to the 2009 FIFA under 17 World cup that was hosted by Nigeria was one of the new innovations introduced by FIFA to curb and ameliorate age cheat in the cadet FIFA Competitions.

Well, the FIFA under -17 World cup was strategically introduced for developmental purpose. But the Overzealous intentions of national associations to win the competition have increased their urge to fill older players who usually falsify their age’s in connivance with their team officials.

It is on the backdrop of several complaints and negative feedback from different quarters that prompted FIFA to introduced the MRI Scan Test. Though, Since its introduction,, the process has proved to be a relative success, but, the true age of Players that passes the MRI test is still a subject of debate because the test machine is not meant to verify players’ true age, but to authenticate that the image scan result from the MRI Scan Machine gives a broader picture of older and ineligible player through the bone marrow. In other words, the MRI Scan test is a bone marrow test conducted by FIFA for U-17 players to ascertain their true ages.

In the time past, complaints of age cheats had often come from European countries that regularly raised eyebrow accusing African and South American countries to using over age players to winning U-17 Championships.

Subsequently, member nations of FIFA have comply with the rules of allowing its players be scanned before he commencement of FIFA U-17 World cup.

In fact, before every qualifying round for any U-17 tournaments, Federation officials usually conducts and carry out a preliminary MRI scan test on all its players.

This process is done to ensure that no stone is left unturned albeit to avoid an imminent embarrassment if FIFA officials actually carries out such test and eventually finds a player or players  ineligible to play in FIFA organized competition due to age difference.

While I applaud FIFA for the introduction of the MRI Scan Machine and its continual usage, I would similarly employ FIFA to develop and improve on the technology in order to marginally dictate the true ages of players.