The Administration of President Mohammad Buhari came into power in May 27th, 2015 with the wind of change mantra. Whilst the President has step up effort to cleanse the system and rid corruption from the society, the same cannot be said of the sporting sector whom the Honorable minister of sports Bar. Solomon Darling, two legislative chambers (House of Representatives and house of senate) committees for sports have indeed failed to promulgate a clear cut sports policy and legislation.

It has become an embarrassing trend for national associations to go cap in hand begging government for funds to finance its programs. With the avalanche of multinational companies scattered across the country, there are no sports friendly companies in order for them to go into partnership with any associations of their choice, and, sponsor them for a stipulated period of time. There are also no sports policy instituted to reward past and honor former athletes so as to serve as a morale booster for established and upcoming athletes top step up the template of performance with the mindset and mentality that similar reward and honor will be given to them when they too eventually retires.

Let me point out that many athletes have gone on to serve and win laurels for Nigeria but some are wallowing poverty, and some have gone to the other that had befallen them aftermath of their career. Well, many would also argue that some retired athletes are the architects of their own misfortune due to their wasteful and extravagant lifestyle they lived during their active years. Some individuals also argued that these retired athletes also failed to plan and retired athletes also failed to plan and invest substantially for the future, and in the wake of their subsequent retirement, resources that would have been meaningfully managed, had been stupendously spent and wasted during their youthful years.

There is no doubting the fact that these arguments advanced towards the superfluous spending of former athletes during their active days are true, yet, the society should not abandon them and so therefore a pension scheme for past athletes can be set up by the pension board through the Federal Ministry of Sports to regularly remunerate former athletes on monthly basics. This exercise will obviously go all a long way in footing some of their hills and putting food on their table.

Similarly, there are so many sporting competitions that Nigeria get to participate in every year. Some of whom are the Olympic, World cup, African cup of nations, Afro Basketball competitions, swimming competitions, weight lifting competitions.

We should learn to prepare adequately for these competitions, and therefore take inventory of our performance index in our bid to improving such performance in subsequent participation.

By and large, effective sporting legislation will make the sporting sector to record tremendous growth and achievements. And winning laurels in these aforementioned competitions will help to boost our image globally, and give the sports sector a new sense of direction.