If this tournament stands out as unique, its not just because Serena and Federer shared a court for the first time in a historic meeting, its also not because the final’s outcome wasn’t decided until the final point.

Its because of a man who reminds us time and again in all sense of the word that he is the face of Tennis.

ROGER FEDERER: The Phenom’s Phenom.

In an on-court post-match interview, Serena said to viewers all over the world:

The guy is great. He is the greatest of all time to be honest. Both on the court and off the court, he has such charisma. He’s a wonderful player.

She continued by saying,

I think his serve is super-underestimated. He has a killer serve (which) literally can’t be read. There’s a reason why he is the greatest because you can’t be that great and not have such an awesome weapon like that serve. I watched it all the time but I never knew how amazing it was.

Such glowing comments from the mouth of a colossal figure like Serena speaks volumes. However, the comments that really took me aback was when she said,

…I kind of learned and hopefully I can get some tips later on how to get a little (bit) better. It was really impressive.

In lieu of this, I think I’m beginning to know why Fed is such a mystique.

It’s the effortless grace with which he swings the racquet, the inner steel in the face of trouble. It’s the quietness of his approach. It’s the simplicity in his capacity.

Fed the phenom. Fed the phenomenon. Fed the man.

Really?, You mean its their first?