Arsenal Boss, Unai Emery, believes that Nicholas Pepe’s missed chance to score a goal marked the beginning of Arsenal’s defeat to Sheffield United on Monday match.

‘The chance for us, for Pepe, was the key,’ he said after the game.

‘Because if they score the first goal, defensively they are a very strong team.’

Pepe, arguably the best Arsenal player with £72million summer signing could not live up to expectations thereby inviting the wrath of fans who are already calling for Emery to be removed.

However, Emery came to the Congolese international’s defence, “Pepe is improving but the next step for him is to score. Usually he is going to score chances like that – but tonight he didn’t take his chance.”

“We had more possession, more chances, more shots and for example, Pepe is improving and I think Pepe’s way with us is little-by-little getting better,” he said.

“The next step is to score. Tonight for example, the best chance is one he is usually going to score but tonight he didn’t take that with efficiency.”

“He also had two shots that were very important. I think he is improving and taking confidence with us. But it is one process.”