Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, has come to Arsenal’s captain Granit Xhaka’s defense after row with fans on Sunday.

Xhaka was booed by his own Arsenal fans on Sunday’s 2-2 draw against Crystal Palace and he told them to ‘f***k off’ before taking off his shirt and storming down the tunnel.

The Swiss international tendered an apology earlier today, citing reaching a ‘boiling point’ after cyber bullying and threats against himself and his family for his actions.

Guadiola sympathised with him saying, “We have to respect our supporters. It’s not easy for the players sometimes, for all of us.

“I can understand Xhaka, the emotion of that moment. I don’t know exactly what’s going on inside. Maybe I’m not the guy to say that because sometimes I lose my emotions and cannot control myself but you have to try because at the end it’s just a game, to have fun, to try to do their best.

“I’m sure that all the players, Xhaka included, do absolutely everything the best for Arsenal, for his mates. He’s the captain so it’s because he has something special in the locker room.

“Sometimes you lose control. It will be forgotten and move forward and hopefully, in future, the fans can forgive Xhaka and he can come back and show how incredible a player he is.”

Meanwhile, Man City will play Southampton for the second time on Saturday after a 3-1 victory in the midweek.