Liverpool Boss Jurgen Klopp has ruled out fielding different teams in two competitions in two countries on possibly the same day to solve the club’s Carabao Cup quarter-final issue.

Liverpool is supposed to play against Aston Villa for the Carabao Cup quarter final on December 16 while also playing in Club World Cup in Qatar.

But it appears Premier League isn’t willing to budge. Liverpool Vs West Ham game has already been postponed because of the competition in Qatar.

The Reds and EPL are already in talks to find alternative date but Klopp said no decisions have been made yet.

“We cannot leave any players at home for the Carabao Cup,” said Klopp.

“We have two games there [Qatar] in a very busy period.

“It’s not that we can go there with 11 players and say they play the two games in Qatar and the other guys play in England against Aston Villa. It doesn’t work like that.

“We have to make the decision and we will make the decision – but not yet.”

December is already full for Liverpool as the club has six fixtures – five in the Premier League, their final Champions League group match and two Club World Cup games.

The available midweek slots are in the first weekend of January but it would mean playing against Aston Villa in the first leg of the semi-finals – and the week before the second leg takes place on January 27th.

Klopp has again rejected the decision saying the workload is too much for his players.

EFL is reportedly not ready to change their two-legged EFL Cup semi-finals format.