Tottenham boss, Mauricio Pochettino suggested the Spurs will appeal Son Heung-min’s Red Card after Everton’s Andre Gomes suffered a horrible ankle injury from the Korean’s challenge.

Gomes will have surgery on Monday.

Tottenham was leading with 1-0 after Dele Alli scored in 63rd minute.

Shortly after Son Heung-min was sent off the pitch in tears after his tackle on Andre Gomes got the Portuguese midfielder the ankle injury.

The game eventually ended 1-1 after Cenk Tosun headed an equalizer for Everton.

Pochettino spoke about the red card incident, “It was clear it was never the intention of Son to create the problem that happened afterwards,” 

“It is unbelievable to see a red card. In that situation we need to help because the decision of the referee was a yellow card but the VAR changed the decision.

“It is the latest example of it being not clear. VAR needs to check if it was a bad tackle from Son and judge the action, not what happened after.

“I don’t know what will happen now in terms of an appeal. The club will see if it is possible but what we cannot change is what happened after the incident.”

Premier League also issued a statement after the game.

“The red card for Son was for endangering the safety of a player which happened as a consequence of his initial challenge.”