Former Manchester United player, Anderson Herrera revealed that football wasn’t the most important thing in the club during his time there.

The 30-year old midfielder who currently plays for PSG compared his time in Old Trafford to his current club and concluded he enjoyed life better in PSG than he did in Man Utd.

Herrera joined United in 2014 and left this summer after his contract expires and he couldn’t agree to a new deal.

The Spaniard had enjoyed a very solid start in Paris having made 10 appearances in all competitions so far.

“I was very happy at that incredible club. I am very grateful to the supporters. Frankly, I was immensely happy in Manchester.” He admitted.

“But at the club, there were times when I felt that football was not considered the most important thing. I will not say.

“That does not come out of my mouth. I don’t know, but football was not the most important thing in Manchester.”

He also spoke about his time in PSG: “I cannot talk about what was happening in previous seasons because I was not there, but since I’m here, what I see is that I’m in a club that thinks only and exclusively about football.

“And I say it sincerely, because sometimes, seen from the outside, PSG can have a glamorous side that can irritate some. But here, we sweat, we train, we work.

“When I arrive at the training centre, the physios, podiatrist and physical trainer are already at work… Football, football, football… Leonardo is there every day.”