Frank Lampard’s rules and fines for Chelsea players have been leaked online.

The list, published on Reddit, consist of amounts of money players will pay for breaking any of his rules. It was signed and dated August 27 by Lampard.

Lateness would not be tolerated and each player could be fined as much as  £20,000 for late start to training and £2,500 for being late for match days and departures.

Other rules and fines include: not reporting illness or injury before a day off or 90 minutes ahead of training (£10,000), absence for corporate or community duties (£5,000), phone ringing during team meal or meeting (£1,000) and so on.

Other internal rules that each player must obey are body composition targets needing to be met, family or guests needing to be authorised by the manager if they wish to watch training and agents not being allowed on the training ground.

The rules seem to work as Lampard’s young squad have been in top form this season.

Chelsea have won their last six Premier League matches and are now third on the table. They are also most likely to qualify in their Champions League group.

The Blues are also gearing up to face an obviously challenging match against Manchester City on November 23 after the international break.