Brazil manager, Adenor Leonardo Bacchi commonly known as Tite has condemned any comparisons between Lionel Messi and football legend, Pele.

The coach spoke on Tuesday, during the 50th anniversary of Pele’s 1000th goal career in which he firmly stated that there is no credibility in comparing Messi and Pele.

“Pele is incomparable. Anybody who wants to compare Pele to any other athlete…do you know what I do? I hear but I don’t listen.” He said.

“It’s as if this person doesn’t know the history of this man’s quality…this guy was phenomenal. Once I said that Messi is extraordinary.

“I meant he’s extraordinary to the present time and among humans, with his creativity. Pele is out of normal patterns, and I’m not saying this because I’m a Brazilian. You can’t find a defect.

“If somebody comes to me and starts to make comparisons, for me it has no credibility.”

Messi and Tite had exchanged words in Argentina’s 1-0 friendly win over Brazil on Friday, in which the Barcelona star scored the winning goal.

The Brazil manager also criticized Messi’s behaviour during Copa America in which Brazil won.

Messi was given a red card alongside Chile’s Gary Medel and was later suspended from international matches for three months after accusing officials of corruption and ‘fixing’ the tournament for Brazil.

Meanwhile, long before Messi and Ronaldo came into the scene, Pele was the reigning king of football.

The Brazilian football legend had netted 1,281 goals for club and country and lifted the World Cup three times. In fact, he is the only one that lifted the cup more than twice – in 1958, 1962 and 1970.

Apart from winning Olympic gold medal in 2008, Messi is yet to win any international competition with Argentina despite reaching the World Cup final and three Copa America finals.

But he also has 70 goals and 45 assists in 138 matches for Argentina and lots of remarkable achievements in both UEFA Champions League and La Liga.