Jose Mourinho returns to the Old Trafford in a premier league match against Ole Solksjaer’s Manchester United on Wednesday.

This is almost a year after the Portuguese last appearance where he led the Red Devils to 4-1 victory against Fulham on 8 December 2018 which turned out to be his last victory as Manchester United manager.

Tottenham Hotspur have won three games that helped them climb to sixth position in Premier League since Mourihno took over from Pochettino as club manager.

England midfielder, Dele Alli, seemed to have been particularly transformed from being a relegated bench warmer to a sensational striker and inspiration to his teammates under Mourihno.

On the contrary, Ole Solksjaer’s Manchester United seem to be on the downward spiral with just four wins in league matches, perhaps leading to the worst league finish since 1989.

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However, Mourihno has repeatedly stated that the improvement at the Spurs has nothing to do with him. But just few believe him.

Apart from Alli’s startling top form, Mourihno praised a ball boy for helping Tottenham win their Champions League match against Olympiakos on 26 November and invited the boy into the home dressing room for Saturday’s victory against Bournemouth.

Sources said he stays occasionally in the overnight accommodation at Spurs’ training ground and doesn’t enjoy high press like Pochettino.

Players will focus more on shape, both in and out of possession during training.

Although Mourihno has made three amazing winning starts in Hotspur, it wasn’t really different from his three Premier league winning start against Bournemouth, Southampton and Hull City when he was United manager.

It was the fourth match against Manchester City that put a stop to his impressive start and it went downhill from there.

Notable Changes In Mourihno Since He Became Tottenham Hotspur Manager

Famously known for his blunt behavior and sometimes harsh words, it seems the new Mourihno has emerged since he became Tottenham manager.

Few changes have been noted in the Portuguese. The old Manchester United Mourihno called out Henrikh Mkhitaryan for his bad performance after their home defeat to Manchester City.

Mkhitaryan did not play for United until nearly after three months. The Armenian eventually left the club out of frustration and broken trust with the manager.

On the other hand, the new Tottenham Mourihno handled a very similar case differently with Eric Dier.

Dier was replaced after 29 minutes during Champions League match against Olympiakos but Mourihno publicly apologised to him and even put him back to play full 90 minutes in the next game against Bournemouth.

The old Mourihno verbally put down England defender, Luke Shaw, accusing him of being 25 metres away from his opponent, rather than five, therefore unable to stop Watford goal.

The new Mourihno’s verbal jibe at Dele Alli on whether he was playing as himself or his brother transformed the 23-years-old midfielder into an overnight sensation.

Again, old Mourihno is known to spend heavily on acquiring players but the new Mourihno seems to be content with the current Tottenham squad which has the likes of Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Christian Eriksen, Heung Min Son and others.

Mourihno’s Possible Reception At Old Trafford

Despite his dismal performance as United manager, sources say Mourihno still has a lot of respect and admiration in Old Trafford as evidenced by his most recent visit to Old Trafford as a pundit for Sky Sports.

After all, he won two trophies and took the club to their highest league finish – second – since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013.

United was sixth in Premier league when he left in 2018.

His record poses a challenge for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer whose team are currently 10th in premier league and haven’t won a title yet since he became manager.

The popular Norwegian retains support inside and outside the club and plans to bring in more efficient players during January transfer window.

But his popularity will likely not save him if he doesn’t reach top six in premier league not to talk of securing a spot in Champions League.

In conclusion, Mourihno has done well so far in Tottenham with three winning starts. But will it continue or end on Wednesday’s Premier League match in Old Trafford? Let’s wait and see.