Tottenham boss, Jose Mourihno has banned his players from watching the highlights of their last humiliating match against Bayern Munich earlier this season.

Spurs will meet the Bundesliga champions on Wednesday though they’ve already qualified for the last 16.

Bayern Munich thrashed Tottenham Hotspur 7-2 on Tuesday October 1.

However, both sides have since changed coaches with Nico Kovac and Mauricio Pochettino sacked.

Normally, players are encouraging to watch highlights of their last game to prepare but Mourihno forbade it for his team.

“I forbid any image of it,” Mourinho said.

“I watched it a couple of times: me, my staff and analysts try to go through every single aspect of that but not one single image for the boys. No. Not at all.

“We’re going to focus more on us than on Bayern. We’re going to try to develop our model of play, with different bodies, different phases, different players.

“But there is a certain way that we try to play football and try to develop our principles of play. And we’re totally focussed on us.”

Meanwhile, the Portuguese announced he would leave Harry Kane. Dele Alli, Serge Aurier and Jan Vertonghen behind.

“You think our team is the same without Harry Kane?” Mourinho asked.

“It’s not the same. And, of course, Bayern depend a little on Lewandowski. Their coach thinks differently to me.

“I left Harry Kane at home, and I expect Lewandowski to play.

“But maybe he gets injured and doesn’t play at the weekend – so it’s better he thinks twice and doesn’t play Lewandowski!

“I arrive in mid-season, without four, five, six weeks to work and know the players – so we have to do everything while we are running.

“It’s very important to be that the players are coachable and open. I think the boys need me and my job is to help them.”