Interim Arsenal manager, Freddie Ljungberg, has hinted that a permanent manager will replace him soon.

Arsenal have won one match, made two draws and lost one match under Ljungberg since he took over after Emery was sacked.

The Gunners will face Manchester City in a premier league match on Saturday and the Swede has hinted he may not be around to oversee other matches after this one.

“It is a very tough run of games that we have, so of course we will learn a lot,” Ljungberg said in his pre-match press conference.

“I will if I am here, or you guys [the media] will learn a lot about our players.” 

The former Arsenal star has also revealed that his staff are limited and he isn’t allowed to hire anyone until a permanent manager is appointed.

“The club have said I have to wait until they make a decision, so yeah, I can’t do anything at the moment [regarding coaching staff].

“I have Per [Mertesacker] but at the same time he is academy manager, but he is helping me with coaching. 

“The club has said when they make a decision that’s it, or I am obviously leaving, or maybe then we can do something with the staff. But it is up to the club.

“It’s far from me to say [if an appointment should be made quickly]. If you look at the person who was here before, he had a lot of staff and maybe I don’t have so many. So if you keep on going like that for months and months, it’s not so easy. But that’s totally up to the club.”