Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp, said fixing matches during the festive period is a crime.

Klopp complained after some teams played two matches in three days over the festive period.

Liverpool will visit Leicester City on Thursday before hosting Wolves on Sunday. Most other teams have just one day off between games.

“It’s absolutely not OK,” Klopp said.

“And we still have it. None of the managers have a problem with matches on Boxing Day, but playing the 26th and 28th is a crime.

“We can say whatever we want and no-one is really interested but every year it is the same for the coaches involved in it.”

Liverpool won the Club World Cup in Qatar and were defeated in Carabao Cup by Aston Villa.

The semi final and final date in Qatar clashed with Liverpool’s Carabao Cup quarter-final defeat at Aston Villa which made Klopp send separate teams.

“There is no reason to give teams less than 48 hours to play another Premier League game,” Klopp added.

“Sports science doesn’t give you something to deal with it. The body needs a specific amount of time to go again. It’s easy. That’s science. But you ignore that completely.”

The Reds will have two days of rest between festive Premier League fixtures, but 14 sides will only get one day off between matches.

Liverpool is currently ten points clear and leading the premier league table. Klopp’s side are aiming to win their first league title in 30 years.