Brescia striker, Mario Balotelli, slammed Lazio fans, saying they should be ashamed of themselves for their racist abuse during Sunday’s Serie A match which ended in 2-1 in favor of Lazio.

Lazio fans were heard singing racist songs during the match and an announcement was made in the stadium urging them to stop.

“Lazio fans present at the stadium today, shame on you,” Balotelli wrote on instagram, with the hashtag #saynotoracism after the match.

The 29-year-old former Manchester City and Liverpool striker had scored the first 2020 goal for Brescia during Sunday’s match. He had also scored the first 2010 Italian goal when he was at Inter Milan.

Lazio also released a statement disassociating themselves from any form of racial abuse as well as strongly condemning the act.

“As always, Lazio dissociates in the most taxing way from the discriminatory behaviour carried out by a very small minority of fans during the match against Brescia.” The statement read.

“The club once again reiterates its condemnation of such unjustified misconduct and confirms its intent to prosecute those who in fact betray their sporting passion, causing serious damage to the image of the club.”

Recall Balotelli was abused by Verona fans in November 2019 and he angrily shot the ball into the crowd and threatened to quit the match.