Barcelona ace Lionel Messi reached out to fans on Instagram, where he urged them to follow all recommendations made by health authorities in their country, especially in Barcelona, where the government has declared a state of emergency due to the rising number of coronavirus cases in Spain.

“These are complicated days for everyone. We are worried because of everything that’s happening, and we want to help by putting ourselves in the shoes of those who are not having a good time right now, or in the shoes of those who have someone close to them that’s dealing with this issue. My heart goes out to the first responders who are fighting this disease in hospitals or medical centers.

I want to send my thoughts and strength to them. Health must always come first. These are exceptional times and we have to follow the instructions of our government officers and our health authorities.

This will be the only way for us to be able to battle this disease effectively. This is the time to stay home and be responsible. Besides, it’s perfect so we can enjoy this time with our close ones, we don’t get to do that often. Big hug to everyone and let’s hope we can turn things around as soon as possible. #QuedateEnCasa #StayAtHome